The General Office

The General Office has been functioning since the establishment of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages after the 50th Anniversary of the USSR (1973).

In its activities the General Office is guided by the Regulations of Higher Education, the Orders of the Ministry of Education as well as of the University authority, his/her Instructions and records keeping directions.

The General Office is headed by the Head of the General Office who is directly subordinated to the Rector of the University. The Head of the General Office is appointed to the position and removed from it by the Rector of the University.

The General Office is entitled with the following functions in order to carry out the given instructions:

  • submission of incoming and outgoing, internal documents to the University authorities for the timely review;
  • recording of the documents and sending them, the correct compilation of the documents and control over the documentation, control over the implementation of the documents and the tasks in them;
  • The General Office provides the arrangement of the reception of citizens. The General Office develops information on the course of the implementation of the tasks for the authorities by conducting a quarterly analysis. The Head of the General Office develops a monthly report and references on the state of the implementation of tasks, and in case the implementation term of tasks changes, the General Office shall be informed.
  • Filing of the documents, organization of rational correspondence;
  • Acceptance, registration, maintenance of incoming and outgoing documents, sending them to the structures, as well as the preparation of the documents for submission to the national archiving organ.

The Head of the General Office supervises the activities of the Office as a whole, fulfills the duties and obligations indicated in the Regulations, and also bears the responsibility of the realization of the tasks and functions.


The Head of the General Office

Sideifzadeh Sevinj Ali gyzy

Tel: (+99412) 441 31 58