Finance department

First started operating independently in 1948 leaving the Accounting Office of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. At that time the Accounting Office of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages continued its activities as the salary section consisting of three staff members. In 2013 the Financial Department was created to build the accounting system more qualitatively and effectively, and improve the material-technical basis of the University.

Its Activities:

The Financial Department includes Offices of Accounting, Grants and Projects, Facilities and Supply.

The Accounting Office:

At present the Accounting Office has turned into a financial-accounting structure covering all the areas of accounting as a result of the development of the University.

The Accounting Office is operating with 9 staff members and consists of 6 sections:

  • The Section of Salary Accounting
  • The Section of the Mobility of Monetary Resources
  • The Section of Accounting with Students (students’ tuition; students’ maintenance allowances)
  • The Section of Accounting Goods and Material
  • The Section of Economy and Prognostics
  • The Section of Accounting Other Allowances

At present accounting is carried out on the basis of “The National Accounting Standards for Budget Organizations” by Order #05 dated 13 January 2009 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Accounting Office has utilized the most modern methods in the estimation and payment of the salaries to the professors and teachers, administrative management staff, and maintenance allowances to students, and has achieved high results. Being maximum automatized, the accounting has raised the reliability and accuracy of the accounting data to the high level. Along with other structures, the Accounting Section has also made its contributions to the effective application of the economic mechanisms related to the development of education in the country including the new financing mechanism at the Universities in the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with the Decree #220 (10 February 2010) of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Order #120 (25 June 2010) of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Office of Grants and Projects

The Office of Grants and Projects was established in September 2017 and at present is operating at the Department of Finance. Its staff consists of 7 members including the Head of the Office, 2 senior specialists and 5 specialists.

The Office carries out the function of dissemination of the presentations on the joint research projects in the frames of the programs at the University and the information on the grant programs financed by the European Union to modernize the process of education, quality management as well as the management structure of the University to the other structural sections of the University and the function of monitoring over this area.

The main activities of the Office of Grants and Projects are:

  • holding methodological support and training support, organizing the activities related to joining the scientific research programs by the structural sections of the University, students and employee, and getting the grant support;
  • organizing the consulting aimed at coordination of relations with the foundations, joining the programs and getting grants;
  • conducting official documentation approving the participation of the University in scientific, educational and innovative programs, as well as the projects and competitions to get grants;
  • gathering information on international programs, competitions planned under the guidance of the authority and passing the obtained data to the departments and sections;
  • systematic monitoring over the timely and accurate reports of the structural divisions of the University in the organizations supporting the projects with grants;
  • carrying out within its authorities the financial monitoring over the analysis of the budget plans of the grants, international projects and centres, their implementation and approval as well as the designated use of the resources received from the grants including the use of these resources according to the budget estimate;

The Office places the information on the international projects implemented in the frames of international grants and programs in the official website of the University.

The Offices of Facilities and Supply are responsible for:

  • consolidation of the material-technical basis of the University and updating it to the modern requirements;
  • maintenance of the academic buildings and other buildings, their repairs and correct utilization;
  • supply with facilities and office stationary according to the requirements of the structures of the academic institution.