Dear students! I would like to note that, independently operating since 2000, school of Translation prepares leading experts on undergraduate and graduate degrees. The translators are trained in various fields at the school. This means that the curriculum of the school includes social, political, scientific, technical, economic, financial, administrative and legal fields, as well as lessons on the art of translation. The plan which is always updated and adapted to the plan of the world’s leading universities implies a high level of habits in the field of translation and interpretation for students.


The following departments operate at the school of Translation:

Department of English translation
Department of German language
Department of French and Italian Translation
Department of Spanish language
Competent local staff has a great experience, as well as foreign experts are working in these departments.

560 undergraduate students are studying at the school, on English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Korean languages and professionals are trained on master’s degrees in simultaneous translation. You can study full-time at the school. Education is conducted in Azerbaijani and Russian (English, German, French, Spanish languages) languages and 2 turns.

The classes are held in accordance with the technical-equipped auditoriums. There are 24-seat (12 cab) 2 simultaneous translation rooms, 24-seat computer translation programs audience, as well as 4 projector rooms, 1 computer room. In addition, the 4-seat (2 rooms), a small meeting room equipped with simultaneous translation equipment available to students and teachers. All the rooms are equipped with the most modern technical equipment.

Therefore, we can say without exaggeration that majority of specialists that eliminate language barriers of the well-known foreign companies operating in the country, embassies, ministries and other institutions, as well as the in the various events are graduates of the School of Translation.

The school has bilateral relations with a number of leading universities of the world and has close cooperation with the Strasbourg University (double diploma), Turkey’s University of Hajettepe. Relations with these universities will be a window to the world for our students and those who want to get education in our school in the future .Through the Erasmus program, you can continue your education in many foreign countries, including Italy, Spain and Korea.

Finally, I want to emphasize that our school continuously develop. If you want to be a member of our family, then make your choice. We serve for you.

Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Cultural Studies, Ph.D.

Mammadova Banovsha Guloghlan

Tel: (+99412) 564 22 45


The school of Translation began its independent activity in 2000 and prepares specialists on bachelor’s and master’s degree. The school prepares translators involved in different fields in general aspect. This means that the school prepares academic plan on social-political, scientific-technical, economic-financial, administrative-legal fields, as well as organizes trainings on literary translation. This plan is conformed to academic plans of leading universities of the world and assists the students tanning of high level habits in translation and interpretation.

The school is financed from the budget of the university.

More than 600 students study at the school and translators are prepared  on English, German, French, Spain, Italian, Korean languages. Full-time and part-time educations exist at the school. The education is carried out in Azerbaijani language and Russian language (for English, German, French, Spain languages).

We can without any overstatement say that most of who eliminate language barriers at different events, as well as working at leading companies, embassies, ministries and other establishments.

Bachelor (full-time) -527

Bachelor (part-time) -41

Master (full-time)-31

Master (part-time) -8

Teaching is carried out in two turns.

Trainings are held in technical supplied auditory.

There are two rooms of simultaneous interpretation with 24 seats (12 cabins), 24 seats auditory for teaching of translation programs  on computer, as well as 1 projector room. Besides, 4 seats (2 cabins) small conference hall provided with simultaneous translation room is given into the use of the students and teachers.

All these rooms are provided with the modernist technical equipment.

There are following departments at the school of translation.

1. Department of translation of English language

2. Department of translation of German language

3. Department of translation of French and Italian language

4. Department of translation of Spanish and Korean languages

Alongside with local staff, foreign specialists with great experience at these departments work at the department.

Academic programs
Following courses are taught on bachelor’s and master’s degree

Bachelor degree

Pronunciation and speech practice of specialty language
Reading and writing practice of specialty language
Written comprehension and written expression
Oral comprehension and oral expression
Oral translation of written text
Written translation
Oral translation
Consecutive translation and note taking technique
Documentation and terminology
Theory of translation
Translation of legal and administrative documents
Translation of economical texts
Translation of medical texts
Translation of socio-political texts
Translation of scientific texts
Translation of media materials
Literary translation
Basic of professional translation
International organizations
CAT translations
Speech practice in the communication in foreign language
Country study and intercourse  culture
Foreign languages (German, French, Spain, English)
Azerbaijani language for special purposes
History of Azerbaijan
Civil defense


Master’s degree

1.Foreign languages (German, French, Spain. English)

2.Modern problems of translation study

3.Comprative typology

4. Physiology

5.General translation

6. Elected course 1 (Translation schools)

7.Pedagogics of higher school

8. History and methodology of translation study

9.Elected course 2 (Analyze and estimation of Translation texts)

10. Semantic analyze

11.Discourse analyze

12. Problems of literary translation

13. Elected course

Short information
The school has tight relations with the University of Hajettapa in Turkey and University of Strasburg in France. Besides relations with University of Strasburg in France, University of Leipzig in Germany, University of Milan in Italy in the frame of TEMPUS renders a service in the improvement of academic plans, as well as a great practice exchange, improvement of teachers who teach at the school.