The Faculty was established in accordance with the 30 March 2018 Decision of the Scientific Board on the basis of 3 structural units – the Faculty of Additional Training, the Office of Professional Development and Career, and the Office of In-service Training as a result of the reforms carried out at Azerbaijan University of Languages. The key activities of the Faculty are as follows: additional training, in-service training of the University staff and organization of the practical training.



Additional Training

In the Republic of Azerbaijan the additional training covers the following aspects:

  • in-service training;
  • re-training of specialists;
  • internship and advanced training;
  • recurrent University and secondary professional education;
  • grade and pay promotion;
  • adult education.

The activities related to additional training at Azerbaijan University of Languages have been organized since 2001, and within this period over 1500 students changed their specialization, got recurrent training and started working as English teachers. The graduates of the Translation can work as teachers at schools only by getting one-year additional training.

The aim of the additional training at Azerbaijan University of Languages is to provide the development of human capacity, the rise and improvement of the intellectual and professional training level of specialists, their adaptation to constantly changing and updated working conditions, the adult citizens’ active and effective participation in the country’s social, economic, political and cultural life. Taking into account also the growing role of Information Communication Technology in teaching foreign languages at the University, special additional training programs have been developed to raise the knowledge and skills of foreign language teachers working at secondary schools in our Republic.

The additional training is carried out on a chargeable basis, and the appropriate expenses are paid either by the organization where the specialist is employed or by the specialist himself or herself. The individuals, who have got additional training of any kind, are given appropriate documents on the acquisition of the educational program. Through additional training the AUL creates conditions for every citizen to get continuous education and provides the arrangement of classes at high theoretical and academic-methodological level together with other structural units of the University. The content of the educational process is regularly updated; special work is being carried out with the attendants of the courses in the acquisition of modern methods and means of learning.

The In-service Training of the University Staff

The aim of in-service training is to provide the rise and improvement of the intellectual and professional training of each employee or specialist in his/her specialty in accordance with the five-year in-service training calendar developed according to the presentations and plans submitted by the University structural units and departments, their adaptation to constantly changing and updated working conditions, their active and effective participation in the country’s social, economic, political and cultural life. The Faculty organizes cooperation with foreign universities in in-service training and on-site training.

Guided by the principle of the individual’s development and consistent intellectual and professional improvement, the in-service training offers various courses and programs targeted at the professional development of the University staff. The main goal is to generate conditions to retrain the University teachers, improve their knowledge in specialized area and acquire innovative learning methods.

Organization of Practical Training

This activity is aimed at the increase of practical abilities and skills, realization of the organizational, technical, informational, educational and enlightenment measures targeted at the solution to their employment problems. For this purpose the structural unit:

  • plans the process of practical training and organizes it on the basis of the appropriate legislation;
  • provides the process of concluding bilateral agreements with schools and organizations to organize pedagogical, industrial, scientific-pedagogical and scientific research practices and supervises the course of the practical training;
  • makes some offers to answer in advance the questions to be risen in organizations;
  • takes actions to provide the student exchange in the field of practice;
  • assists the formation of close relations between education and production;
  • organizes the meetings prior to the practice with the representatives of schools and organizations;
  • arranges surveys to appraise the students’ knowledge and skills in the sites of training and among the employers;
  • generalizes the outcomes of practical training and presents them to whom it concerns
  • organizes meetings on practice and career with the students;
  • assists the solution of the students’ employment problems.


Dean of the Faculty of Additional Training and Practical Training

Ismayilov Mammad Allahverdi oghlu

Tel: (+99412) 564-22-48