The Science Department was established in accordance with the decision adopted at the meeting of the AUL Scientific Board dated 11 September 2017 with an aim to increase further the level of the education process and the training of specialists in different specialties.

The Science Department includes the following sections:

  • The Section of Scientific Researches and Publications
  • The Section of Scientific Cooperation

The Section of Scientific Researches and Publications is a structural division established by the decision (minutes #1/355) of the Scientific Board meeting of Azerbaijan University of Languages dated 15.09.2017 and by the Rector’s Order #124 dated 14.09.2017.

The Section carries out the planning of the scientific, scientific-methodological works as well as preparation of the scientific research findings of the University teaching staff as well as of the materials of the scientific conferences and symposia for publication, the organization of the application of scientific-methodological findings in practice and the function of monitoring over this field.

The Section builds its activities in coordination with the University faculties, departments, scientific research laboratories, centres and other structural divisions.

The Section functions in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Regulations of Azerbaijan University of Languages, decisions of the Scientific Board, the Rector’s orders and its Statute.

The Section carries out the following obligations:

  • to organize realization of the scientific researches and scientific-methodological works in the departments and scientific-research laboratories and their application in practice and carry out their monitoring;
  • to participate in the planning of the scientific researches and scientific-methodological works and in the discussion of the finished works;
  • to make the examination of the conducted scientific researches and scientific-methodological works;
  • to study the reports of the departments and scientific research laboratories on scientific researches and scientific-methodological works and develop final reports;
  • to gather the plans of the scientific researches and scientific-methodological works of the departments and scientific-research laboratories for the next year and organize their appraisal, develop the plan of scientific researches for the entire University and submit it to the Scientific Board for approval;
  • to conduct the registration of the publications of the University staff;
  • to organize scientific, scientific-methodological seminars and speeches for the doctorate, post-graduation and MA students;
  • to participate in the discussion of the dissertations, scientific works at the Departments;
  • to organize the appraisal of the dissertations submitted for discussion and defence including the dissertations admitted from other scientific and educational institutions;
  • to organize the database of themes for doctorate, post-graduation and MA students and prepare a review of the database;
  • to hold yearly report conferences as an outcome of the scientific researches and scientific-methodological works carried out at the University;
  • to participate in the organization of the activities of the Students Scientific Association;
  • to participate in the conferences and seminars held in the frames of the Students Scientific Association;
  • to organize methodological consultation hours for the members of the Students Scientific Association in carrying out scientific researches.


Head of the Section, Doctor of Philological Sciences

Zarbaliyev Habib Mammad oghlu

Address: Baku, R.Behbudov str., 134.

Main Building (AUL), Room 302

Tel: (+99412) 441-22-78 (extension 137)



The Section of Scientific Cooperation was established by the decision of the AUL Scientific Board with an aim to increase further the level of the education process at Azerbaijan University of Languages in training the specialists in different specialties. The Section has started functioning since 12 September 2017.

The Section establishes scientific relations between the AUL and other universities including the foreign educational and scientific centres, takes necessary actions for the intensive and effective cooperation in this field, develops scientific cooperation programs, projects in the frames of the agreements it concluded with the other universities and provides their implementation. Besides, it provides the participation of the University staff in the national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, discussions, presentations, etc., suggests initiatives on holding analogical conferences and participates in the organization of such kind of events.

The Section of Scientific Cooperation studies the materials to be published in the collections of materials of scientific gatherings held by the University jointly with other educational and scientific centres as well as with their participation, in joint publications and other forms, if need be takes necessary steps to evaluate them (an external review, plagiarism monitoring, etc.)

The Section facilitates the University staff members and doctorates in the publication of their scientific works and articles in foreign journals. The Section of Scientific Cooperation is cooperating in student self-management, public organizations including the Students’ Scientific Association in relevant lines.



Head of the Section of Scientific Cooperation

Imanova Sevda Rafig gyzy, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogics

Address: Baku, R. Behbudov str. 134,

The main building of the AUL, Room 302

Tel: (+994 12) 441 22 78/79 (extension 257)


After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Students’ Scientific Association was first formed at Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (the present AUL) in our Republic in 1998.

At the beginning some 80-100 students were taking part in the annual conferences of the Students’ Scientific Association. The AUL students have held the highest places in the Republic Olympiads and conferences for many years.

Through the Students’ Scientific Association our students have regularly participated in the conferences held not only in our Republic but also in foreign countries.

Among these countries one can mention Germany, Russia, Georgia, Malaysia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Turkey and others.

The activities of the AUL Students’ Scientific Association are already recognized as an example among the other universities in the Republic.

It should be noted that all the material requirements necessary for the activities of The Students’ Scientific Association (the release of the program, publication of the book of abstracts, diplomas and all other aids demanding expenses) are met by the University authorities.

The expenses of the students’ participation in conferences abroad are also covered by the University authorities.

The Students’ Scientific Association (herein after referred to as “the SSA”) of Azerbaijan University of Languages is a voluntary public organization of BA and MA students actively involved in the scientific research and scientific-organizational activities.

The SSA is subordinate to the University authorities and accountable to the Scientific Board.

In its activities the SSA is guided by the relevant normative-juridical acts in science and education, “the Law on Education” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “the Regulations on the Organization of the Scientific Research of Those Studying at Higher Educational Institutions”, the Statutes of Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Exemplary Regulations of the SSA.

The main goal of the SSA consists of the realization of the scientific-organizational activities targeted at raising the quality of training the University specialists, the maintenance of the scientific and technical potential and facilitating the work of the University in the adaptation of the students’ scientific research activities to the new social-economic conditions.

  • The SSA obligations include:
    1. Involving the students in scientific research activities and organizing these activities;
    2. Advocating different forms of scientific creativity among the students based on the principle of unity of science, education and practice, facilitating the increase of the youth’ interest in those forms and conducting fundamental researches;
    3. generating the motivation for the students’ research activities and the study of scientific methods, facilitating comprehensive and creative acquisition of educational materials;
    4. forming a creative attitude in students towards the selected profession through research activities;
    5. teaching the students the methods and means of independent solutions to scientific-technical and economic issues;
    6. purposefully involving the talented students in scientific research and scientific organization and acquisition of high technologies;
    7. selecting the promising students for scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel training and training of them for research activities;
    8. carrying out cooperation with the SSAs of other higher educational institutions, applying the progressive forms and methods of organizing the students’ scientific research activities in the students’ scientific researches;
    9. providing the students’ participation in the events of different levels – scientific seminars and conferences, the competition for the students’ scientific works as well as course, graduation papers and dissertations, Olympiads for different specialties and disciplines, discussion clubs, symposia, the attendance at outstanding scholars’ seminars and lectures, etc.
    10. Preparing the students’ scientific researches for publication;
    11. Facilitating the students’ involvement in innovative activities in order to form innovative business and entrepreneurship skills;
    12. Involving the students in the activities carried out in scientific centres, technological parks, idea incubators and other institutions (including the paid ones);
    13. Organizing the accumulation, dissemination of the data on the scientific events within the University and outside it and placement of them on the University internet page, etc.

The SSA Structure

The Chair of the SSA: 

The Deputy Chair of the SSA: Dargahli Nijat Davud oghlu

The Secretary of the SSA: Alasgarova Aybaniz Haji gyzy

The SSA Board members

The SSA Chairs in Faculties


Address: Baku, Rashid Behbudov str. 134,

The AUL Building 1, Floor 4, Room 406

Tel: (+99412) 441-31-82


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The following journals are published at Azerbaijan University of Languages:

  1. “Scientific News of AUL” (formerly called “Scientific News”),
  2. “Language and Literature”,
  3. “Actual Problems of International Relations”.

Scientific articles on Philology, Pedagogy and Psychology are published in the journal “Scientific News of AUL”.

Scientific articles on Philology and Pedagogy are published in the journal “Language and Literature”, and scientific articles on international relations, history, international economic relations, economics, philosophy, law and culture are published “Actual Problems of International Relations” .

Dear authors!

You can submit your articles to “Research Papers of AUL” in the field of linguistics, literature, pedagogy, psychology and other social sciences. Editorial board of “Research Papers of AUL”:

1.Abdullayev Kamal (Editior-in-Chief)

2.Sabitova Aynur (Deputy Editor-in-Chiefs)

3.Shabanova Aysel (Executive Secretary)

4.Ahmadova Solmaz (Proofreader)

5.Abdullayev Afqan (Azerbaijan)

6.Abdiyeva Adila (Azerbaijan)

7.Alıyev Jeyhun (Azerbaijan)

8.Bondarev Aleksandr (Russia)

9.Jafarov Amil (Azerbaijan)

10.Aliyeva Sevdagul (Azerbaijan)

11.Aliyev Mammad (Azerbaijan)

12.Hartmann Ziqlende (Germany)

13.Huseynzadə Gulnar (Azerbaijan)

14.İmanov Mukhtar (Azerbaijan)

15.İsmayılov Bilal (Azerbaijan)

16.Kunina İrina (Azerbaijan)

17.Qotsiridze David (Georgia)

18.Nesterov Aleksandr (Russia)

19.Sertkaya Osman (Turkey)

20.Veysalli Faxraddin (Azerbaijan)

21.Zeynalova Nigar (Azerbaijan)

22.Zeynalov Asgar (Azerbaijan)

Articles are accepted in three (3) languages – Azerbaijani, English and Russian.. Publication of papers is FREE OF CHARGE.. Only original research articles will be  accepted.


Articles are accepted under the following conditions:

* Papers length has to be minimum 6 pages.

*The author’s name and surname, work place, position and e-mail address must be written under the title of the paper.

All research papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word Format:

(in 14 point Times New Roman, 1.5 interval,  2 cm on the right side, 3 cm on the left, indents from the top and from the bottom are 2 cm).

* The article should include UOT indexes or PACS type codes, as well as keywords in three languages (3-5 words in the language of the article and summaries), in black letters after the title.

The reference to sources and references are necessary conditions. References and sources are listed in the following order:

  1. All bibliographical references given at the end of the papers must be numbered according to the use order and marked in the text. (For example: [1] or [1, p.119].)
  2. If the same source is repeated in the text, the source is indicated under the first number.
  3. Used sources (literature) are indicated in the language of the publication. It is recommended to use literature published in the last 5-10 years.

The book: the author, the name of the publication, the place of publication, the year of publication.

For example: Abbasov E.A. Linguistic analysis of the text. Baku: Science and Education, 2017.

 Articles published in journals or collections:

Author, title of the article, title of the publication, issue number, date of publication, page.

For example:  Ismaili G.G. Suppletivism  in the English language. // Questions of philology, 2016, №1, p.47-56.

Stampe D. Cardinal Number Systems // Papers from the 12th Regional Meeting. Chicago linguistic society, 1976, p.594-609.

* At the end of the paper, resumes in two languages should be written. The title of the article should be written before the resume. Resumes must be identical in their contents.

* Review of  Doctor of Sciences on a certain scientific field and extract from the protocol of  the department meeting are required for the paper to be printed. (only for  Azerbaijani authors).

* The journal is published every quarter (four times a year)

Research papers are accepted in the main building of AUL room number 302. Please feel free to contact us in case you need any further information or have any questions.


Azerbaijan University of Languages
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