Human Resources Section

Since the establishment of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages after M.F.Akhundov up to present the Human Resources section has been functioning in its structure. During these years the chiefs of the Human Resources section were Emma Mahmudova, Shargiyya Rahimova, Zakir Samadov, Minaya Guliyeva, Shahla Gurbanova, Farida Najafova, Durdana Aliyeva.

The section carries out the following functions: preparation of orders for professors-instructors and administrative management and operating staff (admission to work, removal from the job, changing the surname, changes in the payment, vacation time, business trip, commendation, reprimand, re-election and extension of contracts, etc.), documentation for instructors’ pensions, keeping a work record book, registration of the medical certificate, information sheets and employee cards, estimation of the term of pedagogical service, concluding labour agreements and amendments to them, preparation of the documents for submission to the archives, arrangement of workplace discipline and its consolidation, control over the attendance schedule and others.


Chief of the Human Resources Section

Tel: (+99412) 440 15 22